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Writing/Reading Vocabulary for US Citizenship Test Summary

Writing - Viết, Reading - Đọc, Writing Vocabulary - Từ Viết, Reading Vocabulary - Từ Đọc
1. People - Người 2. Civics - Công Dân 3. Places - Nơi/Địa điểm 4. Months - Tháng 5. Holidays - Ngày Lể 6. Verbs - Động Từ 7. Other (Function) 8. Other (Content) 9. Question Words - Từ Hỏi
VocabularyTừ ViếtTừ ĐọcCategory
WashingtonWriting1. People
LincolhWriting 1. People
AdamsWriting 1. People
flagWriting 2. Civics
Father of Our CountryWritingReading2. Civics
CongressWriting Reading2. Civics
Civil WarWriting 2. Civics
American IndiansWriting 2. Civics
SenatorsWriting Reading2. Civics
PresidentWriting Reading2. Civics
capitalWriting Reading2. Civics
citizensWriting Reading2. Civics
rightWriting Reading2. Civics
White HouseWriting Reading2. Civics
freedom of speechWriting 2. Civics
state/statesWriting Reading2. Civics
freeWriting 2. Civics
AlaskaWriting 3. Places
Washington, D.C.Writing 3. Places
WashingtonWriting 3. Places
United StatesWriting Reading3. Places
New York CityWriting 3. Places
MexicoWriting 3. Places
DelawareWriting 3. Places
CanadaWriting 3. Places
CaliforniaWriting 3. Places
NovemberWriting 4. Months
FebruaryWriting 4. Months
JuneWriting 4. Months
JulyWriting 4. Months
SeptemberWriting 4. Months
OctoberWriting 4. Months
MayWriting 4. Months
ThanksgivingWriting Reading5. Holidays
Columbus DayWriting Reading5. Holidays
Independence DayWriting Reading5. Holidays
Flag DayWriting Reading5. Holidays
Memorial DayWriting Reading5. Holidays
President's DayWriting Reading5. Holidays
Labor DayWriting Reading5. Holidays
comeWriting Reading6. Verbs
canWriting Reading6. Verbs
have/hasWriting Reading6. Verbs
is/was/beWriting 6. Verbs
lives/livedWriting Reading6. Verbs
meetsWriting 6. Verbs
payWriting Reading6. Verbs
voteWriting Reading6. Verbs
wantWriting Reading6. Verbs
electWriting 6. Verbs
forWriting Reading7. Other (Function)
inWriting Reading7. Other (Function)
theWriting Reading7. Other (Function)
ofWriting Reading7. Other (Function)
toWriting Reading7. Other (Function)
duringWriting 7. Other (Function)
andWriting 7. Other (Function)
onWriting Reading7. Other (Function)
hereWriting Reading7. Other (Function)
weWriting Reading7. Other (Function)
secondWriting Reading8. Other (Content)
southWriting Reading8. Other (Content)
mostWriting Reading8. Other (Content)
peopleWriting Reading8. Other (Content)
taxesWriting 8. Other (Content)
firstWriting Reading8. Other (Content)
oneWriting Reading8. Other (Content)
largestWriting Reading8. Other (Content)
fifty/50Writing 8. Other (Content)
dollar billWriting Reading8. Other (Content)
northWriting Reading8. Other (Content)
redWriting 8. Other (Content)
whiteWriting 8. Other (Content)
blueWriting 8. Other (Content)
one hundred/100Writing 8. Other (Content)
Abraham LincolnReading1. People
George WashingtonReading1. People
American flagReading2. Civics
Bill of RightsReading2. Civics
cityReading2. Civics
countryReading2. Civics
governmentReading3. Places
U.S.Reading3. Places
AmericaReading3. Places
HowReading9. Question Words
WhatReading9. Question Words
WhenReading9. Question Words
WhereReading9. Question Words
WhoReading9. Question Words
WhyReading9. Question Words
meetReading6. Verbs
nameReading6. Verbs
is/are/was/beReading6. Verbs
electsReading6. Verbs
do/doesReading6. Verbs
aReading7. Other (Function)
colorsReading8. Other (Content)
manyReading8. Other (Content)

Bài Thi Quốc Tịch Mỹ (US Citizenship Test)
Học 100 Câu Hỏi và Trả Lời Bài Thi Quốc Tịch Mỹ
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