Hom nay minh moi nhan duoc mot to quang cao truoc cua nha, thay co nhieu tu cung duoc cho nen dem len day chia se voi moi nguoi.  Bay gio minh bat dau nha.

PHAN 1 – Fertilization and pest control services include (dich vu bon phan co va ngan ngua sau benh bao gom)

  1. lawn fertilization – bo phan co, bon phan co
  2. lawn pest control – ngan chan sau benh co
  3. fungus protection – bao ve nam
  4. weed/grassy weed control –  ngan chan co dai
  5. tree and shrub care – cham soc cay va cac loai cay dang bui


  1. lawn – san co, bai co
  2. fertilization – su lam tot, su thu tinh, su thu thai, phi nhieu, sanh loi
  3. fertilize – lam tot, lam thu thai
  4. fertilizer – phan bon
  5. control – ngan chan, dieu khien, de nen, kiem soat, kiem tra, chi huy
  6. pest – con trung, benh dich, loai con pha hoai mua man, do an, ga vit,…
  7. pest control – ngan ngua sau benh/sau bo, ngan chan sau benh/sau bo, kiem soat sau benh
  8. service – dich vu, su phuc vu, mot viec lam nham giup do hay lam viec cho nguoi khac, su san soc
  9. fertilization service – dich vu bon phan
  10. pest control service – dich vu ngan ngua sau benh/sau bo
  11. and – va
  12. include – bao gom
  13. fungus – nam
  14. protection – bao ve, su bao ve, su che cho
  15. grassy weed – co dai
  16. weed – co dai, co hoang
  17. grassy – co, co moc day (adjective), co nhieu co (adjective)
  18. adjective – tinh tu, tinh tu, phu thuoc, khong dung mot minh
  19. tree – cay
  20. shrub – cay nho, cay dang bui, cay bui

Thoi minh ngung o day nha.  Dung ra con nua de hoc tu 6 cum tu tren nhung thoi minh tam dung tai day vi cung hoi nhieu roi.  Bao nhieu day de hoc va de nho hon.  Neu ban biet duoc het tat ca ca tu tren thi dan dan ban se de dang hoc cac phan sau sau nua… Coi nhu hom nay minh hoc duoc 26 tu va cum tu tieng Anh.

PHAN 2 – Coming soon!

Cam on da xem bai nay, xin nhan moi su dong gop phia duoi bai, trong muc Comment.

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