Học Cụm Động Từ Trong Tiếng Anh (Phrasal Verbs)

Phrasal Verbs

Đây là một số từ dạng phrasal verbs (cụm động từ), rất có ích trong vấn đề thi TOEFL… TTVTC sẽ thêm nếu biết cụm từ mới.

Phrasal VerbsNghĩaMeanings
bring inmang vào, đưa vàoto carry inside
bring outtiết lộ, để lộ, phát giác, để lộ ra, bày rato reveal or expose
bring upmang lên, cập nhật, nuôi dạy, nuôi nấnto mention, to take care of
burn outkiệt sứcto become mentally exhausted
call offhủy bỏ, to cancel
catch upto bring up to date, to come from behind
clear upto end the confusion
come aboutto happen
come byto get possession of
come outto be disclosed or to result
come upto introduce or mention
come acrossto accidentally find
cut offto disconnect on the telephone, to remove by cutting
do overto repeat
drop offto return
fill outđiền, điền vàoto write information
give upngưng, bỏ cuộc, đầu hàngto stop or surrender
go ahead withtiếp tụcto continue
get acrossto make clear
get aheadto surpass another
get along withto play or work well with
get behindto delay
get on with to continue
get one's point across
get out ofto remove someone
get overto recover or return to normal
get throughto finish, to endure
hand into submit
hold onđợi, đợi chút/tí/cái đãto wait
keep right on ...ingto continue
keep up withto continue at the same level or pace
look out forto guard or protect
look overto review or examine
look up toto admire
make sure ofto ascertain
make upto compensate for a mistake or error, to resolve a personal quarrel
make up your mindto decide
mix uplộn xộn, làm lộn xộnto confuse
pass overto overlook or ignore
pick upto give a ride
put offto delay or procrastinate
rush aroundto be in a hurry
run intoto accidentally meet
see toto assure
sit in onto audit or attend but not pay
take offcởito remove or deduct
take onto accept work
take overto take control of
turn outto produce
try outto attempt
turn upto appear unexpectedly
use upto deplete

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